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Interim Delaware has four business lines: Interim HealthCare of Delaware, Interim Personal Care and Support, Interim HealthCare Consultative Nursing and Interim HealthCare Pediatrics. See below for information, or select any one of the links above to view each businesses official website.

Interim HealthCare of Delaware

Interim HealthCare of Delaware was founded in 1965 and provides home health care and skilled care services to clients and facilities throughout the State of Delaware.

Interim Personal Care and Support

Interim Personal Care and Support focuses on those who need direct care, such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation. Interim Personal Care and Support is now accepting clients throughout the State of Delaware.

Interim HealthCare Consultative Nursing Services

Interim Consultative Nursing provides audit nursing for the disabled throughout Delaware.

Interim HealthCare Pediatrics

Interim HealthCare has been providing expert care to medically fragile children at home for more than a quarter of a century. And our focus remains the same - to give the patient the best care possible using a family centered approach.

Interim Delaware Jobs

Interim Delaware is always hiring! View our Careers page at Interim Delaware Jobs to check out our positions, open cases, and more.


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